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Our young and compe­tent team focuses on your appli­ca­tion and together we quickly and flex­ibly create your ideal dust removal solu­tion. Your advan­tage is obvious: you search a dust collector that delivers the signals you need to display in your HMI? You need a dust collector that visu­ally fits perfectly with your equip­ment? And of course, you want a dust collector that satis­fies your require­ments and is neither over nor under engi­neered? All this and much more is possible in a joint devel­op­ment project. We are also happy to offer you several types of equip­ment matching your portfolio.

You know your application and we know ours

Rely on the fact that all aspects such as ergonomics, GMP-compliant design, but espe­cially secu­rity (with us user protec­tion and product protec­tion go hand in hand) are fully taken into account. We place the focus on the topics of pure air values, contain­ment and explo­sion protec­tion. Our goal is to give you a good feeling through safety and at the same time to make the inte­gra­tion and the handling of the system as easy as possible. We consider not only German guide­lines, but also inter­na­tional guide­lines and stan­dards, for example, the Amer­ican explo­sion protec­tion regu­la­tion NFPA 69.

Design Meets Functionality

Our compact design made of high quality stain­less steel allows ideal clean­ability and an instal­la­tion directly at the appli­ca­tion (also in the clean­room). This ensures low pres­sure losses in the system and there­fore sustain­ability as well as low noises in the pipes. Our filter systems also offer the possi­bility of recir­cu­la­tion mode. This is the only way your clean room acts as an addi­tional barrier. Even in case of an oper­a­tional fault, you must not worry about cleaning your system in the tech­nical area.

Qualification made easy

A further focus of our work is the careful docu­men­ta­tion of our systems. This enables you to easily qualify the equip­ment on site. In our extended docu­men­ta­tion you will receive a pneu­matic scheme, a R&I scheme, mate­rial certifi­cates and accep­tance test proto­cols. Our experts are well prepared for any further requests.

Our standards to your advantage

You need stan­dard­ized, high quality dedusting solu­tion? We are your partner. Our attrac­tively priced basic systems are offering all mentioned benefits.

Our philosophy


Your advan­tages at a glance


For Vesch tech­nolo­gies, there is no compro­mise when it comes down to quality. From devel­op­ment to design and manu­fac­turing to the after­market, our processes are subject to strict control. Of course, this also applies to our prod­ucts and their docu­men­ta­tion. Nothing leaves our house unchecked and of course all prod­ucts can be traced back to the blanks.

Our Kaizen program corrects errors instead of repeating them. All our prod­ucts and processes are thus contin­u­ously improved. We are happy to inform you about our Kaizen program and our daily dealing with the topic of quality manage­ment in a personal conversation.


You have a problem? We have the solu­tion! Together with you, we are looking for the optimal dedusting system for your process. After a few days, you notice that a connec­tion has to be changed? Your customer requires another qual­i­fi­ca­tion docu­ment that was not spec­i­fied in advance? No problem! We will also assist you after the conclu­sion of the contract and even after delivery. Your contact person in our company will help you quickly and easily with all topics.


Filter equip­ment manu­fac­turers always move in a variety of complex fields of knowl­edge. We need knowl­edge of filtra­tion, ergonomics, explo­sion protec­tion, control tech­nology, flow theory, contain­ment and many more. Thanks to our industry expe­ri­ence, we at Vesch Tech­nolo­gies gladly give you support in all these areas. Maybe our user and basic train­ings are also inter­esting for you. We are currently devel­oping training concepts on the topics of filtra­tion, explo­sion protec­tion and contain­ment and we would be pleased, to transfer our knowl­edge to your employees.


Not all appli­ca­tions are the same. We opti­mize your filtra­tion system according to your require­ments. For example: It makes little sense to have a complex control if you only want to give the venti­lator a fixed setpoint and be informed when there is a malfunc­tion of the system. Nor does it make sense, to protect your employees with different protec­tion concepts when you only process plas­tics. Maybe you need a simple controller with the highest demands on the user protec­tion or want to get all rele­vant data of your filter system in your own control panel, although you do not process dangerous substances? We listen to you and offer you the best solu­tion for your application.


Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015


After founding Vesch Tech­nolo­gies we imme­di­ately imple­mented a quality manage­ment system. This system has been certi­fied by Tervis Zerti­fizierungen GmbH in December 2018.

We are proud to always chal­lenge and improve our prod­ucts and processes continuously.


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