General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms of delivery and payment of Vesch Tech­nolo­gies GmbH, Lich

1 General

  • Only the following condi­tions apply to all our offers, deliv­eries and sales. By placing the order, the customer agrees with them in full extent. Devi­ating condi­tions are only valid with special agree­ment and written confirmation.
  • By modi­fying or deleting indi­vidual condi­tions, the remaining condi­tions are unaffected.
  • Hereby counter-confir­­ma­­tions of the buyer with the refer­ence to the validity of his busi­ness or purchase condi­tions are contra­dicted. The only excep­tion is the written confir­ma­tion of these condi­tions in our order confirmation.
  • Rights and oblig­a­tions of the purchase contract may not be trans­ferred to others without our express consent.
  • These terms and condi­tions shall apply until a contrary agree­ment has been concluded for all present and future busi­ness trans­ac­tions, even if not specif­i­cally referred to in a single order placed within the frame­work of an existing busi­ness rela­tion­ship or if devi­ating condi­tions have been agreed for indi­vidual transactions.


2 Conclu­sion of contract

  • These general terms of delivery and payment apply to all – also future – contracts for deliv­eries and other services. Condi­tions of purchase of the buyer are not recog­nized even if we do not contra­dict them again after receipt by us.
  • Our offers are non-binding. Oral agree­ments made by our employees at the conclu­sion of the contract become binding only upon our written confirmation.
  • All our infor­ma­tion for the purchased item in the catalog or in the contract nego­ti­a­tions are descrip­tions of char­ac­ter­is­tics, no assur­ances in the legal sense. Unless other­wise expressly stated or referred to in the purchase agree­ment, we have made no assur­ances. Any assur­ances refer exclu­sively to the fault­less­ness of the goods them­selves, not to the avoid­ance of conse­quen­tial damages.
  • Deci­sive for the inter­pre­ta­tion of trade terms are the Incoterms 2020 in case of doubt.

3 Prices

  • Prices are net ex works plus pack­aging and other ship­ping and trans­port costs. In addi­tion to these prices, the value-added tax applic­able on the day of delivery shall be added in the respec­tive statu­tory amount, as well as the costs for freight and for the pack­aging neces­sary for a proper shipment.
  • Vesch Tech­nolo­gies reserves the right to change prices even at fixed prices if the agreed delivery times are changed for reasons beyond Vesch Technologies’control. Possible price changes are made based on mate­rial, wage and other addi­tional cost increases.
  • All non-agreed addi­tional fees or public charges are prin­ciple borne by the customer.
  • The disposal of the pack­aging and the costs thereof shall be borne in full by the customer. The same applies to the freight when returning the pack­aging material.
  • If the delivery is delayed because of the request of the customer, he will be charged for all costs incurred and for all future costs due to the delay.


4 Terms of payment

  • The purchase price and the fees for ancil­lary services are due upon delivery of the delivery item. Other agree­ments shall imme­di­ately lapse if the buyer defaults on other claims, or if the uncer­tainty of his finan­cial situ­a­tion by bank­ruptcy, judi­cial or extra­ju­di­cial settle­ment request, bill or check protest, fore­clo­sure or default of a guar­antor or other events according to § 321 BGB become known. In this case, we are enti­tled to make outstanding deliv­eries only against advance payment or to with­draw from the contract.
  • Checks are only accepted condi­tional to their redemp­tion and are only consid­ered as cash payment from the time of redemp­tion to Vesch Tech­nolo­gies. If the target is exceeded, default occurs without prior warning and we are enti­tled to charge default interest in the amount of the usual bank interest for over­draft. The buyer is not enti­tled to with­hold or offset payments for any counterclaims.


5 Execu­tion of deliv­eries, delivery times and dates

  • Our oblig­a­tion to deliver is condi­tional to correct and timely self-delivery, unless the incor­rect or delayed delivery is our fault.
  • If during the construc­tion period regu­la­tions or statu­tory provi­sions come into force that deviate from the regu­la­tions or legal provi­sions applic­able at the time of conclu­sion of the contract or if Vesch Tech­nolo­gies accepts subse­quent requests for changes, the delivery time shall be extended accordingly.
  • Details of delivery times are approx­i­mate. Agreed delivery periods begin with the date of our order confir­ma­tion and are only valid on the condi­tion that all details of the order (in partic­ular tech­nical approvals) are clar­i­fied in due time and that all oblig­a­tions of the purchaser are fulfilled in good time, for example provi­sion of all offi­cial certifi­cates, presen­ta­tion of letters of credit and guar­an­tees or payment of down payments.
  • The time of dispatch ex works, or ware­house shall be deci­sive for compli­ance with delivery times and dates. They are deemed as complied with when the goods are ready for dispatch if the goods cannot be dispatched in good time without our fault.
  • Events of force majeure entitle us to post­pone deliv­eries for the dura­tion of the hindrance and a reason­able start-up time. This also applies if such events occur during an existing default. Force majeure shall be governed by mone­tary, commer­cial, polit­ical and other sover­eign measures, strikes, lock­outs, not caused break­downs by us (e.g. fire, machine and roll breakage, shortage of raw mate­rials or energy), obstruc­tion of traffic routes, delays in impor­­ta­­tion- or customs clear­ance, as well as any other circum­stances that are without our fault to make the supplies and services signif­i­cantly more diffi­cult or impos­sible. It does not matter whether these circum­stances occur with us or a subcon­tractor. If, because of the afore­men­tioned events, the perfor­mance of the contract becomes unrea­son­able for one of the contracting parties, it may declare the termi­na­tion of the contract.
  • A right of resig­na­tion due to impos­si­bility and delay can only be exer­cised to extent that adher­ence to the contract can not reason­ably be expected of him. Claims for damages of the buyer are based on § 13 of the conditions.


6 Reten­tion of title

  • We reserve our title to the items deliv­ered and to be deliv­ered in the future (reserved goods) until the buyer meets all our current and future payment claims arising from the busi­ness rela­tion­ship, including a recog­nized balance in the current account and condi­tional claims, such as accep­tance bills even if payments are made on specially desig­nated claims.
  • The buyer is only autho­rized to install the reserved goods in the proper course of busi­ness in a prop­erty or building, to connect to a movable prop­erty or resell if he is not in default of payment to us and if he already legally assigns to us the future resulting claims and that have already arisen against third parties. If he combines the reserved goods with a movable item in such a way that we become co-owners of the new item, he is obliged in the event of late payment on our request to surrender the item, as far as permis­sible. If the connec­tion is made in such a way that the object of buyer is the main thing, he is obliged to procure us co-owner­­ship of the new object in the amount of the invoice of the reserved goods. If he sells the new thing, he already assigns to us the resulting claims against third parties for secu­rity purposes. He keeps the co-owner­­ship for us.
  • The claims arising from the instal­la­tion, the connec­tion or resale of the reserved goods and already incurred claims against third parties are already now assigned to us as secu­rity. This also applies to a credit balance of the buyer from a recog­nized current account balance with a third party and in the amount of the “causal” credit balance of the buyer in the event of his bankruptcy.
  • The buyer remains enti­tled to collect the claims assigned to us, subject to the revo­ca­tion of the autho­riza­tion in the cases mentioned in point 3. Then he is obliged to disclose the assign­ment to the third party imme­di­ately and to give us the infor­ma­tion and docu­ments neces­sary for collec­tion. If the purchaser has or is prohib­ited from assigning his claims in advance by the third party, he must inform us imme­di­ately, if neces­sary already at the time the contract is concluded. In this case, he is only autho­rized with our written consent to install the reserved goods.
  • If third parties claim the goods subject to reten­tion of title by way of distraint or if transfer of owner­ship is required, the purchaser informs us imme­di­ately and informs the third party of our priority rights.
  • If the value of our existing secu­ri­ties exceeds the claims to be secured pursuant to point 1 by more than 20% in total, we are obliged at the request of the buyer to release the addi­tional securities.


7 Partial delivery, contin­uous delivery

  • We deter­mine the ship­ping route and means as well as the carries and the carrier.
  • Goods noti­fied in accor­dance with the contract that are ready for ship­ment must be called up imme­di­ately, other­wise we are enti­tled to ship them at the expense and risk of the buyer of our choice or to store them at our own discre­tion and to charge them immediately.
  • If, without our fault, it is impos­sible to trans­port on the desig­nated route or to the desig­nated place in the desig­nated time, we shall be enti­tled to deliver by another route or to another place; the resulting addi­tional costs shall be borne by the buyer. The buyer is given the oppor­tu­nity to comment beforehand.
  • With the handing over of the goods to a freight forwarder or carrier, but at the latest when leaving the ware­house or the delivery plant, the risk, including the seizure of the goods, in all trans­ac­tions, even in free or home delivery, passes to the buyer.
  • The goods are deliv­ered unpacked and not protected against rust. If commer­cially avail­able, we deliver packed. We provide for pack­aging, protec­tion and/or trans­port aids in our expe­ri­ence at the expense of the buyer. We provide for trans­port insur­ance only on the instruc­tions and costs of the buyer.
  • We are enti­tled to partial deliv­eries to a reason­able extent. Industry-stan­­dard excess and short deliv­eries of the completed quan­tity are permissible.


8 Complaints and warranty

For defects of the goods and for the lack of assured prop­er­ties, we provide according to the following rules:

  • Defects of the goods must be reported in writing imme­di­ately, at the latest 7 days after delivery. Defects that can not be discov­ered within this period, even with the most careful exam­i­na­tion, must be reported in writing imme­di­ately after discovery, with imme­diate cessa­tion of any handling and processing.
  • In the event of justi­fied, timely notice of defects, we will take back the goods and deliver in their place goods free of defects; instead we are enti­tled to repair. In case of failure of recti­fi­ca­tion or replace­ment, the buyer may demand cancel­la­tion of the contract or reduc­tion of the fee.
  • All warranty claims are void if the buyer does not give us the oppor­tu­nity to convince us of the defect imme­di­ately or if he does not provide the rejected goods or samples thereof imme­di­ately upon request.
  • We provide warranty in the same way for the repair and replace­ment as for the orig­inal delivery or service.
  • Further claims for conver­sion or reduc­tion are excluded.


9 Tech­nical advice, reser­va­tion of right of modification

  • Appli­ca­tion use and processing of the purchased goods are the exclu­sive respon­si­bility of the buyer. The tech­nical advice of the seller in spoken and written is only a non-binding note, including in rela­tion to any intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights of third parties and does not exempt the buyer from their own exam­i­na­tion of the prod­ucts for their suit­ability for the intend proce­dures and purposes. If, however, a liability of the seller comes into ques­tions, then this is limited to the value of the goods deliv­ered by the seller. Design changes are reserved.


10 Warranty for custom-made products

  • In the case of custom-made prod­ucts, we guar­antee the design compliant with the drawing, the proper processing, the use of commer­cially avail­able mate­rials and the func­tional safety in accor­dance with our tech­nical documentation.
  • The dura­tion of the warranty for new machines (also called “guar­antee” or “guar­antee period”) is based on the written agree­ments, in the absence of such the dura­tion is 12 months from date of delivery.
  • The dura­tion of the warranty for used machines or demon­stra­tion devices(also called “guar­antee” or “guar­antee period”) is based on the written agree­ments, in the absence of such the dura­tion is 12 months from date of delivery.
  • Elec­tric or pneu­matic drives and controls as well as wear parts comply with the VDE or VDMA guide­lines, provided that the required main­te­nance and oper­ating inter­vals are observed.
  • The condi­tion of our warranty is that the defects were not caused by improper handling and storage, temper­a­ture effects were not outside the range of ‑10 degrees C to +50 degrees C, the rela­tive humidity was not outside the range of 40% to 70% and no other destruc­tive influ­ences were present. Further­more, our storage, main­te­nance, instal­la­tion and oper­ating instruc­tions must be observed; the neces­sary measures must be carried out profes­sion­ally. Proper handling, storage, main­te­nance and instal­la­tion must be demon­strated by the purchaser.
  • The burden of proof for defects or the absence of warranted char­ac­ter­is­tics shall be governed solely by the statu­tory provisions.


11 Patents, copyrights

  • Without the express written consent of Vesch Tech­nolo­gies, rights or claims against Vesch Tech­nolo­gies, in partic­ular due to defects in goods deliv­ered by Vesch Tech­nolo­gies or due to breaches of duty committed by Vesch Tech­nolo­gies, may not be trans­ferred in whole or in part to third parties or pledged to third parties.
  • If Vesch Tech­nolo­gies has to carry out tests according to draw­ings or the use of parts provided by the customer, the customer shall be respon­sible for ensuring that indus­trial prop­erty rights of third parties are not infringed.
  • Vesch Tech­nolo­gies shall be enti­tled to copy­rights and, if applic­able, indus­trial prop­erty rights to equip­ment and devices, drafts and draw­ings designed on its behalf.
  • The purchaser guar­an­tees that the experts reports, draw­ings, lists and calcu­la­tions, in partic­ular mass and cost calcu­la­tions, produced within the frame­work of the order are only used for his own purposes.


12 Drawings

  • Docu­ments, draw­ings and drafts may not be disclosed by the recip­ient to third parties. Viola­tions will be liable to full compensation.
  • If an order is not placed, docu­ments or draw­ings sent with offers shall be returned or destroyed by the recip­ient without request.


13 Compensation

  • Claims for damages – for what­ever legal reason – are excluded. This does not apply to damage caused by inten­tional or grossly negli­gent actions. Liability in accor­dance with the Product Liability Act, liability for culpable breach of mate­rial contrac­tual oblig­a­tions and liability for the absence of warranted char­ac­ter­is­tics of the goods remain unaffected.
  • The oblig­a­tion to pay compen­sa­tion in commer­cial trans­ac­tions remains limited to typi­cally fore­see­able damages. We shall not bear conse­quen­tial damage caused by a defect, in partic­ular finan­cial losses such as busi­ness inter­rup­tion damage, compen­sa­tion for loss of profit, recourse claims of the purchaser due to claims for damages by third parties, costs incurred by author­i­ties and the like. This restric­tion does not apply if the damage was caused by inten­tional or grossly negli­gent actions of legal repre­sen­ta­tives or exec­u­tive employees.


14 Limi­ta­tion of liability 

  • Seller’s liability is based exclu­sively on the above-mentioned figures. Claims of the purchaser or claims for damages that are not mentioned there, for what­ever legal reason, in partic­ular the non-contrac­­tual liability and the liability for conse­quen­tial damages are – as far as legally permis­sible – excluded. Inci­den­tally, they are limited in height to the value of the deliv­ered goods.


15 Place of perfor­mance, Juris­dic­tion and applic­able law

  • Unless other­wise agreed, the place of perfor­mance is our factory and the place of juris­dic­tion is Gießen. We can also sue the buyer at his place of jurisdiction.
  • All legal rela­tion­ships of the parties are governed by German law, including the Vienna UN-Conven­­tion on the Inter­na­tional Sale of Goods of 1980.
  • If no agree­ment can be drawn from this conven­tion, the parties’ contrac­tual and non-contrac­­tual legal rela­tion­ships shall be governed exclu­sively by the German law of the BGB/HGB.


16 Sever­ability clause

  • Should indi­vidual provi­sions of these terms and condi­tions of purchase be or become inef­fec­tive, the remaining condi­tions shall remain valid. The inef­fec­tive clause shall be replaced by a clause corre­sponding to the meaning of the void clause and the law.

Autho­rized Managing Directors:
Martin Schunk & Christoph Vetter
Register court: Amts­gericht Gießen
Regis­tra­tion number: HRB 9422
Sales tax iden­ti­fi­ca­tion number according to § 27a UStG:
DE 317320417

Vesch Tech­nolo­gies GmbH
Am Schwa­nensee 11
D‑35423 Lich
Phone: +49 6404 90798 20
Fax: +49 6404 90798 18

General Terms and Conditions_REV1

Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase of
Vesch Tech­nolo­gies GmbH

  1. Conclu­sion
    • These condi­tions are the content of this purchase contract as well as all future purchase contracts with the supplier. Devi­ating or conflicting terms of delivery are only recog­nized if the customer has expressly agreed to them in writing in indi­vidual cases.
    • Changes, other agree­ments and side agree­ments are only valid if the written consent of the customer is present.
    • The purchaser is enti­tled to revoke the order, if the order is not confirmed in writing within five working days after receipt.


  1. Offer and offer documents
    • The supplier must adhere to the inquiry in the offer. In case of devi­a­tions, the supplier must explic­itly point this out.
    • The offer is free of charge and does not create any oblig­a­tions for the requester. Payment for cost esti­mates shall only be made by sepa­rate agreement.
    • We reserve owner­ship and copy­rights to all illus­tra­tions, calcu­la­tions, draw­ings and other docu­ments. They are to be used exclu­sively for produc­tion based on our order. After order processing, they are to be returned to us unso­licited, unless a confi­den­tiality decla­ra­tion to the contrary has been made. They may not be made acces­sible to third parties without our express permis­sion and must be kept secret.
    • The supplier shall be liable for all damages incurred by the purchaser as a result of breach of the oblig­a­tions mentioned in no. 2.3.


  1. Objects

Models, molds, tools etc. made by the supplier for the execu­tion of the order shall become the prop­erty of the purchaser upon payment, even if they remain in the posses­sion of the supplier. These items are to be handed over to the purchaser upon request.


  1. Orders
    • Orders and changes of orders shall be made in writing. In the case of verbal or tele­phone meet­ings, the contents are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing.
    • The supplier shall imme­di­ately check the order for ambi­gu­i­ties, recog­niz­able errors, unsuit­ability of the spec­i­fi­ca­tions chosen by the customer for the intended use and incom­plete­ness. Further­more, he will inform the purchaser imme­di­ately about clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the order or neces­sary changes.
    • All orders and order changes must be confirmed in writing by the supplier and treated sepa­rately in all correspondence.
    • Details in all docu­ments are: Complete order number, date of order and customer’s sign.


  1. Delivery time and dates
    • The delivery time shall run from the day of receipt of our order. The supplier shall imme­di­ately inform the purchaser of the dura­tion of the delay, stating the reasons, as soon as the supplier can assume that he will not be able to fulfil his contrac­tual oblig­a­tions on time, in whole or in part. If this noti­fi­ca­tion is omitted by the supplier, he may not invoke the obstacle against the purchaser.
    • The supplier is liable according to the legal regu­la­tions, if he does not fulfil within the agreed delivery time. Any agreed contrac­tual penalty in the event of delayed delivery shall remain unaf­fected in accor­dance with § 340 para. 2 BGB. Until the due date of the final payment, an agreed contrac­tual penalty may be asserted without this requiring a reser­va­tion in accor­dance with § 341 (3) BGB, § 11 (4) VOB/B.
    • Partial deliv­eries are only accepted after explicit and written agreement.
    • Deliv­eries are made to the following address: Am Schwa­nensee 11, 35432 Lich.


  1. Warranty, notice of defects and liability
    • The supplier warrants that the delivery item has no defects that are detri­mental to its value or suit­ability, that have the agreed or guar­an­teed quality, that are suit­able for use under the contract, the gener­ally accepted rules of tech­nology, the latest regu­la­tions of the author­i­ties, comply with the Equip­ment Safety Act, the applic­able safety require­ments and the occu­pa­tional safety and acci­dent preven­tion regu­la­tions. If the delivery item is completely renewed, the statute of limi­ta­tions begins again; in case of partial renewal, this applies to the renewed parts. The new begin­ning of the period of limi­ta­tion does not occur if the supplier clearly does not act in recog­ni­tion of his oblig­a­tion to remedy the defect. If the supplier has assumed a guar­antee for the quality or dura­bility of the delivery item, the customer may also assert the claims under the warranty. This does not apply to defects or damage to the delivery item caused by
  2. improper treat­ment on the part of the customer
  3. regular wear and tear 
    • The purchaser shall imme­di­ately notify the supplier of any defects in the delivery item as soon as they have been deter­mined according to the circum­stances of a proper course of busi­ness. The oblig­a­tion to complain depends on the circum­stances of the indi­vidual case but amounts to at least five working days (Mon – Fri) after discovery of the defect and for visible defects at least five working days (Mon – Fri) from delivery.
    • Unless expressly agreed other­wise, the statu­tory limi­ta­tion periods shall apply.
    • The supplier’s warranty also applies to parts manu­fac­tured by subcontractors.
    • Until replace­ment, the parts subject to warranty due to the warranty remain at the disposal of the customer and become the prop­erty of the supplier by way of replacement.
    • If it is not possible to wait for the supplier to remedy the defect due to urgency, or if the supplier fails to do so despite setting a dead­line or if the defect has finally been reme­died, the purchaser can remedy the defect at the supplier’s expense or resort to the warranty rights pursuant to no. 5.1.
    • The supplier’s warranty oblig­a­tion shall not be affected by the accep­tance of the deliv­eries and services by the customer.
    • Insofar as the supplier or his supplier has caused the product defect that trig­gers the liability, the supplier indem­ni­fies the purchaser against claims arising from the manufacturer’s liability as well as from the product liability law.
    • The supplier is other­wise liable in accor­dance with the statu­tory provisions.
    • The supplier indem­ni­fies the purchaser and his customers against claims of third parties from any infringe­ment of prop­erty rights and bears all costs incurred by the purchaser in this connection.


  1. Tests

If tests are planned for the delivery item, the supplier bears his personal and mate­rial test costs. At least one week in advance, the supplier shall notify the purchaser bind­ingly of the readi­ness for testing and agree a test date. The purchaser’s personnel testing costs shall be borne by the supplier, unless the delivery item is not presented at the agreed date. If repeated or further inspec­tions are neces­sary due to detected defects, the supplier bears all mate­rial and personnel costs. The supplier bears the mate­rial and personnel costs for the mate­rial certifi­cates of the primary materials.


  1. Insur­ance
    • The trans­port insur­ance is exclu­sively concluded by the customer.
    • For damages caused by the supplier, his staff or his repre­sen­ta­tive by services rendered, deliv­ered work or prop­erty, the supplier shall take out adequate liability insur­ance at his own expense. Upon request, the coverage amount per damage event shall be proven to the purchaser.
    • In the indi­vidual case, the conclu­sion of a special instal­la­tion insur­ance in addi­tion to liability insur­ance according to no. 8.2 is required between the supplier and the purchaser.
    • Equip­ment, machines (etc.) loaned to the customer shall be insured against customary risks. Any further liability of the customer for damage or loss of the provided equip­ment, machines (etc.) shall be excluded, except in cases of gross negli­gence or willful commission.


  1. Ship­ping instruc­tions, packaging
    • For each indi­vidual ship­ment, the supplier must send a detailed dispatch notice sepa­rately from the invoice and the goods on the day of ship­ment. The delivery note and packing slip must be enclosed with the delivery. The name of the ship­ping company and of the ship must be indi­cated in the ship­ping docu­ments and the invoice for ship­ping. The supplier has to choose the most suit­able and cheapest trans­port options for the purchaser. The order marks and infor­ma­tion of the unloading place prescribed by the purchaser must be indi­cated in full in all delivery notes, packing slips, dispatch notes, bills of lading, invoices and on the outer­most packaging.
    • In accor­dance with national and inter­na­tional regu­la­tions, the supplier must package, label and ship dangerous goods. In addi­tion to the hazard class, the accom­pa­nying docu­ments must also contain the other infor­ma­tion spec­i­fied by the rele­vant trans­port regulations.
    • Costs incurred by non-obser­­vance of these regu­la­tions shall be borne by the supplier, who shall also assume liability for any damage. In addi­tion, the supplier is respon­sible for compli­ance with these ship­ping instruc­tions by its subcontractors.
    • Ship­ments which cannot be accepted due to non-compli­ance with these regu­la­tions shall be stored at the risk and expense of the supplier. Further­more, the purchaser is enti­tled to deter­mine the condi­tion and content of such consign­ments. It is not allowed to load tools together with delivery items.
    • The oblig­a­tion to take back pack­aging is governed by the statu­tory provisions.


  1. Prices, calcu­la­tion
    • The agreed prices are fixed prices and exclude addi­tional claims of any kind. Customs and customs formal­i­ties as well as costs for pack­aging and trans­port are included in these prices unless explic­itly stated otherwise.
    • The condi­tions and prices valid on the day of delivery shall apply, even if the supplier improves his condi­tions or reduces prices in the period between order and delivery.


  1. Invoice and payment 
    • Invoices shall corre­spond in order of text, language and prices to the order. Any addi­tional or reduced services must be sepa­rately listed on the invoice.
    • Payment dead­lines start at the earliest from the receipt of the goods or, in the case of invoicing, from the receipt of the invoice. Payments are due within thirty-day net after receipt of the invoice.
    • The payment does not imply accep­tance of prices and conditions.
    • The time of payment has no influ­ence on the right to complain and the warranty of the supplier.


  1. Patent infringe­ment

The supplier assumes liability for the fact that licenses, patents and indus­trial prop­erty rights of third parties are not violated by the delivery and use of the delivery items. The supplier bears any license fees.


  1. Applic­able law, inter­pre­ta­tion of clauses etc.
    • All legal rela­tion­ships between the parties are governed exclu­sively by German law.
    • Customary clauses shall be inter­preted according to the respec­tively valid Incoterms.


  1. Juris­dic­tion agreement

Unless other­wise agreed, the place of juris­dic­tion is Gießen.


  1. Sever­ability clause

Should indi­vidual provi­sions of these terms and condi­tions of purchase be or become inef­fec­tive, the remaining condi­tions shall remain valid. The inef­fec­tive clause shall be replaced by a clause corre­sponding to the meaning of the void clause and the law.

Autho­rized Managing Directors:
Martin Schunk & Christoph Vetter
Register court: Amts­gericht Gießen
Regis­tra­tion number: HRB 9422
Sales tax iden­ti­fi­ca­tion number according to § 27a UStG:
DE 317320417

Vesch Tech­nolo­gies GmbH
Am Schwa­nensee 11
D‑35423 Lich
Phone: +49 6404 90798 20
Fax: +49 6404 90798 18

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