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Compre­hen­sive contain­ment starts before the process, incor­po­rates all envi­ron­mental factors and, above all, is conclu­sive. Let us support you.


Intake air filter systems


Fitra­tion already upfront of the process.

Exten­sive protec­tion for your product and your employees means, in addi­tion to a suit­able dedusting system, also the protec­tion of the envi­ron­ment in the event of an inci­dent in the inte­rior of a process plant or when it doesn’t run. Espe­cially in this case, the addi­tional protec­tion of the clean room is often negated when using  unfil­tered supply air.

Our intake air filter systems are flex­ibly and opti­mally adapted to your needs. In doing so, we pay partic­ular atten­tion to the optimal design of the systems taking volume flow, ergonomics and contain­ment into account.


Laboratory dedusting systems

With low dust loads of the process air or with short produc­tion times or frequent product changes, it is not always reason­able to use a deduster with filter purging or pre-separation.

Rather, one should consider the use of static filter systems from an economic point of view. These offer some enor­mous cost advan­tages in high-contain­ment applications.

In addi­tion, there is no poten­tially explo­sive atmos­phere in the system. The best possible explo­sion protection!

We provide opti­mized systems with minimal dimen­sions and optimal ergonomics.


Compact dedusting systems


You only need a low flow rate, but common solu­tions do not offer suffi­cient process reliability?

We are offering the solu­tion. Thanks to an GMP design and minimal dimen­sions, our compact dust extrac­tion systems can be placed directly in the clean room. It is providing absolute safety even for OEB5 mate­ri­al­sand convinces with it’s easy handling without glovebox or isolator. And: It’s suit­able for flam­mable dusts.

Due to the contin­uous pre-sepa­ra­tiondue to it’s conti­nous presep­a­ra­tion you don’t need to stop your process neither for dust discharge or filter purging. In addi­tion all compo­nents including aspi­ra­tion and the control system are inte­grated into one stain­less steel housing.


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As a filter equip­ment manu­fac­turer we are familiar with a multi­tude of complex fields of knowl­edge. Find out more about the topics contain­ment, dust removal, explo­sion protec­tion and documentation.


At times of increasing highly effec­tive active substances (API’s) we focus on product and user protec­tion. With our expe­ri­ence in this field, we are devel­oping new protec­tive compo­nents, but also rely on proven systems such as safe-change and WIP. We are offering you different contain­ment systems and solu­tions, to provide the neces­sary protec­tion level, but also keeping the handling of the equip­ment as simple as possible.

There is a German saying: Trust is good, control is even better. Following this prin­ciple our systems and espe­cially all new devel­op­ments are going to be veri­fied inde­pen­dently! By choosing us, you will receive your dust removal solu­tion as a perfect combi­na­tion of filtra­tion and containment.


The right filter in the right place!

We offer compre­hen­sive know-how for all ques­tions about filtra­tion. While we focus on HEPA filtra­tion in our systems, we are happy to help you with your concerns. No matter if HEPA, ULPA or even lamellas and cartridge filters, we advise you compre­hen­sively, to find the appro­priate dedusting system for your process.

Both national and inter­na­tional guide­lines and stan­dards are taken into account, in order to comply with the neces­sary air purity values and to protect your employees and the environment.

We also offer train­ings with focus on filtra­tion tech­nology, so that you can obtain a qual­i­fied overview of the different areas of filtration.

Explosion protection

In addi­tion to dust removal and contain­ment, explo­sion protec­tion plays a major role in the devel­op­ment of filter systems. We are your partner on this topic as well. We offer you our own concept for explo­sion protec­tion relying on several years of expe­ri­ence in this area. The safety of our systems and there­fore your employees is our top priority and goes hand in hand with our contain­ment solutions.

This is the reason we decided to have a volun­tarily check on our explo­sion protec­tion prin­ciple by a named body.

Once more: We will be happy to advise you on your concerns, and of course beyond the bound­aries of our systems.


Espe­cially in the phar­ma­ceu­tical industry, but also increas­ingly in chem­istry, a compre­hen­sive and complete docu­men­ta­tion of the machine is becoming more and more important.

We offer you exactly what you need at this point: Together we will design a docu­men­ta­tion that will meet your require­ments and make the qual­i­fi­ca­tion of the system as easy as possible.

From a detailed oper­ating manual including all tasks for daily oper­a­tion and simple main­te­nance work, adjust­ment, cleaning and behavior in case of an acci­dent, via Pneu­matics and R&I‑schemes, complete docu­men­ta­tion of the subcon­trac­tors, up to IQ/OQ proto­cols, you will receive every­thing you need to qualify your system at site and of course use it safely and with high availability.

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Vesch Tech­nolo­gies is your strong partner before, during and after the procure­ment of your filter systems. Trust in our engi­neering, service and training offerings.


The best filter system for your appli­ca­tion! But even beyond the bound­aries of our systems, we are compe­tent to assist you from plan­ning to commissioning.

You want to check your filter concept in advance? Contact us and we will be at your side. In this process, approaches to user and product protec­tion, the sepa­ra­tion level as well as the required volume flow can be tested and veri­fied to realize the right system for your needs.

In addi­tion, we will create a docu­men­ta­tion, which will meet your expec­ta­tions, and which will make it as easy as possible for you to qualify the system.

We can also support you in the dimen­sioning of pipework and pres­sure require­ment calcu­la­tion, the creation of spec­i­fi­ca­tions and accep­tance proto­cols or accom­pany accep­tance tests and commis­sioning, to check if your require­ments are met.


You need assis­tance with assembly and commis­sioning or a main­te­nance contract? No problem!

We offer you the right choice for spare and wear parts and the right amounts for your oper­a­tion. From single spare part to consump­tion parts pack­ages we are offering you the right solu­tion for every situation.


We offer you a user training tailored to your system, which in addi­tion to everyday oper­a­tion also includes simple main­te­nance work and covers the handling of acci­dent and thus gives you even more secu­rity for your business.

Apart from our equip­ment we are providing you with a broad and general training offer. The topics include, among others, our core compe­tences contain­ment, filtra­tion and explo­sion protec­tion, but also topics such as basics of piping and venti­lator dimensioning.











About us


In 2018 Vesch Tech­nolo­gies was founded by Martin Schunk and Christoph Vetter. Our goal: To develop high-class filter systems at a fair price as an alter­na­tive to indus­trial vacuum cleaners for your process equip­ment. With Vesch user protec­tion and ergonomics go hand in hand.

After successful product devel­op­ment and with a mean­while estab­lished and certi­fied quality manage­ment system we are ready in 2019 to offer you exactly the filter systems you need.


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