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Compre­hensive containment starts before the process, incorpo­rates all environ­mental factors and, above all, is conclusive. Let us support you.


Intake air filter systems


Fitration already upfront of the process.

Extensive protection for your product and your employees means, in addition to a suitable dedusting system, also the protection of the environment in the event of an incident in the interior of a process plant or when it doesn’t run. Especially in this case, the additional protection of the clean room is often negated when using  unfil­tered supply air.

Our intake air filter systems are flexibly and optimally adapted to your needs. In doing so, we pay parti­cular attention to the optimal design of the systems taking volume flow, ergonomics and containment into account.


Laboratory dedusting systems

With low dust loads of the process air or with short production times or frequent product changes, it is not always reasonable to use a deduster with filter purging or pre-separation.

Rather, one should consider the use of static filter systems from an economic point of view. These offer some enormous cost advan­tages in high-containment appli­ca­tions.

In addition, there is no poten­tially explosive atmos­phere in the system. The best possible explosion protection!

We provide optimized systems with minimal dimen­sions and optimal ergonomics.


Compact dedusting systems


You only need a low flow rate, but common solutions do not offer suffi­cient process relia­bility?

We are offering the solution. Thanks to an GMP design and minimal dimen­sions, our compact dust extraction systems can be placed directly in the clean room. It is providing absolute safety even for OEB5 materi­alsand convinces with it’s easy handling without glovebox or isolator. And: It’s suitable for flammable dusts.

Due to the conti­nuous pre-separa­ti­ondue to it’s continous prese­pa­ration you don’t need to stop your process neither for dust discharge or filter purging. In addition all components including aspiration and the control system are integrated into one stainless steel housing.


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As a filter equipment manufac­turer we are familiar with a multitude of complex fields of knowledge. Find out more about the topics containment, dust removal, explosion protection and documen­tation.


At times of increasing highly effective active substances (API’s) we focus on product and user protection. With our experience in this field, we are developing new protective components, but also rely on proven systems such as safe-change and WIP. We are offering you different containment systems and solutions, to provide the necessary protection level, but also keeping the handling of the equipment as simple as possible.

There is a German saying: Trust is good, control is even better. Following this principle our systems and especially all new develop­ments are going to be verified independently! By choosing us, you will receive your dust removal solution as a perfect combi­nation of filtration and containment.


The right filter in the right place!

We offer compre­hensive know-how for all questions about filtration. While we focus on HEPA filtration in our systems, we are happy to help you with your concerns. No matter if HEPA, ULPA or even lamellas and cartridge filters, we advise you compre­hen­sively, to find the appro­priate dedusting system for your process.

Both national and inter­na­tional guide­lines and standards are taken into account, in order to comply with the necessary air purity values and to protect your employees and the environment.

We also offer trainings with focus on filtration technology, so that you can obtain a qualified overview of the different areas of filtration.

Explosion protection

In addition to dust removal and containment, explosion protection plays a major role in the development of filter systems. We are your partner on this topic as well. We offer you our own concept for explosion protection relying on several years of experience in this area. The safety of our systems and therefore your employees is our top priority and goes hand in hand with our containment solutions.

This is the reason we decided to have a volun­tarily check on our explosion protection principle by a named body.

Once more: We will be happy to advise you on your concerns, and of course beyond the boundaries of our systems.


Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, but also increa­singly in chemistry, a compre­hensive and complete documen­tation of the machine is becoming more and more important.

We offer you exactly what you need at this point: Together we will design a documen­tation that will meet your requi­re­ments and make the quali­fi­cation of the system as easy as possible.

From a detailed operating manual including all tasks for daily operation and simple maintenance work, adjustment, cleaning and behavior in case of an accident, via Pneumatics and R&I-schemes, complete documen­tation of the subcon­tractors, up to IQ/OQ protocols, you will receive every­thing you need to qualify your system at site and of course use it safely and with high availa­bility.

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Vesch Techno­logies is your strong partner before, during and after the procu­rement of your filter systems. Trust in our engineering, service and training offerings.


The best filter system for your appli­cation! But even beyond the boundaries of our systems, we are competent to assist you from planning to commis­sioning.

You want to check your filter concept in advance? Contact us and we will be at your side. In this process, approaches to user and product protection, the separation level as well as the required volume flow can be tested and verified to realize the right system for your needs.

In addition, we will create a documen­tation, which will meet your expec­ta­tions, and which will make it as easy as possible for you to qualify the system.

We can also support you in the dimen­sioning of pipework and pressure requi­rement calcu­lation, the creation of speci­fi­ca­tions and accep­tance protocols or accompany accep­tance tests and commis­sioning, to check if your requi­re­ments are met.


You need assis­tance with assembly and commis­sioning or a maintenance contract? No problem!

We offer you the right choice for spare and wear parts and the right amounts for your operation. From single spare part to consumption parts packages we are offering you the right solution for every situation.


We offer you a user training tailored to your system, which in addition to everyday operation also includes simple maintenance work and covers the handling of accident and thus gives you even more security for your business.

Apart from our equipment we are providing you with a broad and general training offer. The topics include, among others, our core compe­tences containment, filtration and explosion protection, but also topics such as basics of piping and venti­lator dimen­sioning.











About us


In 2018 Vesch Techno­logies was founded by Martin Schunk and Christoph Vetter. Our goal: To develop high-class filter systems at a fair price as an alter­native to indus­trial vacuum cleaners for your process equipment. With Vesch user protection and ergonomics go hand in hand.

After successful product development and with a meanwhile established and certified quality management system we are ready in 2019 to offer you exactly the filter systems you need.


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